Posted in December 2019

#Panchtattva Portfolio

We have added 25 hindunilvr (HUL) 1920/- today because it slid back under our recommended price, please refer to post below: HUNDUNILVR (HUL) @2014 on 14/10/2019 You may book profit in this now and may get back in to it at under 1935/- later else wait for next advice post QIII result…ref 986/5.63 (95/240/1730/1350/1200/1150/1050/1079/3m0919/cld/11341). Prev … Continue reading

Telecom Sector

It is now pretty much evident that telecom companies are on path of recovery after the financial jolts felt by them in past few months. They seem to have regained pricing power and are now unwilling to harm each other. This is a very welcome development and offer us an opportunity to invest in the … Continue reading

#Panchtattva Portfolio

Sold 12 Bajfinance share today @4253/-; the portfolio now reflects 48.22k as unrealised profit and 12.57k as realised profit. The previous post gives u idea of scrip which constitute the portfolio. Krishna Khandelwal

Performance of ‘Panchtattva’ Portfolio

The above gives u an idea how ‘panchtattva’ portfolio has performed today. We sold 30 Kotakbank @1694.25 today and profits on this reflects in profit booked. You are aware that the below mentioned scrips form part of our portfolio in accordance with our recommendations post QII results. KotakBank is second item on which we booked … Continue reading

Performance of #Panchtattva Portfolio

Friends, You are aware that we created a portfolio as per our recommendations and the same is now reflecting the status of profits booked and still unrealised (we sold off 6 Bjajfnsv on 24/12/2019 @9302; this is first item which we have squared off so far). The details of portfolio are given below: ‘Performance Of … Continue reading


Bajajhind closed @6.40 yesterday, it looks like it is on verge of breaking up upwards substantially anyday because there is no impending financial risk to it’s existence as the sugar industry is now on even keep with lower domestic production and higher international prices. The management has not been very shareholder friendly but that has … Continue reading

It’s time to be caucious

Friends, Nifty scales a new peak today but without wider participation. Its on back of the set of stocks which can be upwards manipulated easily because of low floating stock. May be after creating short position in Nifty futures the smarties will hammer stocks to push it down. Conditions are also not very congenial in … Continue reading

Where Lies Chance For Big Gains Now

Those who are interested in larger risk reward ratio must pick stocks that have suffer huge seeking, bad publicity, are in right kind of businesses, have honest management’s and have reasonably big size and have widely dispersed shareholding. If they are still on the lower side of average of the 52W high and low points … Continue reading


Please look at previous opinion made public on 22/10/2019 and it closed at 1693/- on 13/12/2019. It should now be sold entirely now in my opinion because the nominal yield at this price is a bit in under 3% per annum which is pretty low even for a growth stock and particularly for companies with … Continue reading