Panchtattva Portfolio

1) We have 15 Bajajauto @3033 today as it came down to level of investment suggested by us in the post QII results and the same is given below:

BAJAJ-AUTO @3161 on 23/10/2019
It did go down below 2550/- and touched 2463/- so all of you must be holding it, you may retain what you have but those who have to freshly buy it may buy it under 3040/-, further it needs to be sold beyond 3240/- till the next advice…ref 1066/3.67 (335/545/1975/1200/1150/1150/1050/1120/3m0919/11604). Prev Advice: BAJAJ-AUTO @2618 on … Continue reading →

2) We sold 15 TCS today @2200/-, we have also sold 105 Wipro @252/-.

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