Sugar Stocks

The following is the earlier post on sugar stocks that appeared on 24th Nov 2019.
‘Buy Sugar Stocks By All Means
At this stage of sugar industry when most sugar stocks (talking of U.P. based mills) have slid by between 15% to 30% from their recent peaks there is a big chance to make money by buying a mix of the following:

Avadhsugar LTP 240/-
Bajajhind LTP 6.50
Balramchin LTP 142/50
Dhampursug LTP 173.25
Dwarkesh LTP 23.35
MawanaSug LTP 32.45
Triveni LTP 61.40

Krishna Khandelwal

November 24, 2019’

All of these are up by between 5% to 70%. While u may book profit in some counters which have been up by more than 35% and use the money to buy Bajajhind which closed at 6.80 today. This might well touch 13.20 by the time results for QIII is declared.

Krishna Khandelwal

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