Panchtattva Portfolio

We sold today the following as these items were in profit and in terms of our opinion were held for medium as well as long terms which partial profits need to be booked before the next result announcement if available to a desirable extent.

Stocks Sold today:

Adaniports 73 @391/-

HCLTech 40 @581/-

HDFC Bank 40 @1277/-

Hindalco 125 @211/-

Indusindbank 20 @1491/-

ICICIBank 50 @540/-

JSWSteel 125 @277/-

SBI 100 @331/-

Out of above only HDFCBank has been sold entirely because out opinion post result had been to sell above 1280/- and it did go past that level.

Now the realised profit amounts to 62.38k and amount invested remains 11.89 Lac. This leaves good amount as free cash with us which may be utilised for purchase of items that have buying clearance post QIII result. Keep watching this blog as results season has commenced.

Krishna Khandelwal

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