Posted on January 11, 2020

INFY @738.15 on 10/01/2020

You may now retain it and add more else buy for medium/long term…1041/16.59 (295/655/1935/1200/1150/1100/1000/1000/12252/3m1220/cld). Prev Advice: INFY @815 on 11/10/2019 You may buy this for medium/long term but when available under 800/- …ref 1019/13.87 (260/575/1775/1200/1100/1150/1050/1044/11305/3m0919/cld). Prev Advice: INFY @727 on 12/07/2019 You may retain it for now and look for selling it beyond 765/-; those … Continue reading