Posted on January 18, 2020

HCLTech @599/- on 17/01/2020

This is now ex-bonus (1:1) since last advice and you may sell this now and buy when available between 537/- and 564/- till next advice…ref 1027/20.62 Prev Advice: HCLTECH @1095 on 23/10/2019 Retain and add this for medium/long term…ref 1039/10.59 (470/800/1545/1150/1150/1150/1050/1000/3m0919/cld/11604). Prev Advice: HCLTECH @1088 on 08/08/2019 You must be having this in stock as … Continue reading

TCS @2218 on 17/01/2020

You may sell this for now and buy when available between 2120/- to 2155/-…ref 1028/5.56 (190/470/2035/1250/1150/1100/1000/1032/12352/3m1219/cld). Prev Advice TCS @2021 on 14/10/2019 You may retain this (it touched 2276 on 26/08/2019 enabling booking of profit on medium term basis) else buy now for medium/long term…ref 1024/5.61 (205/505/2030/1200/1100/1150/1050/948/3m0919/cld/11341). Prev Advice: TCS @2131 on 09/07/2019 You must … Continue reading

Reliance 1588/- on 17/01/2020

You may remain out of it for time being and buy it between 1320/- to 1360/-…ref 932/7.77 (745/505/760/1200/1100/1100/1000/1055/12352/3m1219/cld). Prev Advice: RELIANCE @1416 on 18/10/2019 Now you may now book profit in this and buy again when under 1320/- …ref 960/8.23 (660/690/758/1150/1150/1150/1050/1117/11661/3m0919/cld). Prev advice: RELIANCE @1249 on 19/07/2019 You may now buy it for medium/long term…ref … Continue reading

PanchtattvaQIII Portfolio

This a portfolio created since for QIII result season. So far three companies have qualified for purchase and have been added for value approximating Rs 1 lac. Keep track of this portfolio too, the earlier one is since QII result season. Stock specific recommendations are common and the progressive return scenario will be different to … Continue reading