PanchtattvaQII and PanchtattvaQIII

We intend to sell Asianpaint at the opening price tomorrow wit a view to booking profit as there does not seem much scope in this to rise further.

We intend to sell half quantity held in Axisbank as it’s in sufficient profit and was bought with both views, long and medium term; this is in line with our declared policy (read our pinned post).

We think that Bajfinance is now beyond comfort level hence will be sold at tomorrow’s opening price.

Half quantity of Gail will be sold at opening price tomorrow in view of booking profit in the medium term (read pinned post).

We intend to add 50% more quantity of ITC with a view to averaging down as a special measure since it was badly jolted by budget announcement of raising duty on cigarettes which factor, in our opinion, has been given more weight age then needed.

We intend to sell half quantity of Kotakbank too as it’s at a high point and is also held with medium term view too.

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