Some Statistics About Six Leading U.P. Based Sugar Companies

Avadhsug :
Market Cap/Assets 677/1940
CMP 263.00, 52W H/L 382.00/181.00
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: 2133/2339/1786
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: 88/119/28

Bajajhind :
Market Cap 804/8787
CMP 6.00, 52W H/L 10.2/ 5.10
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M0319: 6902/5947/4803
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219: -499/-136/-155

Market Cap/Assets 4244/3756
CMP 169.40, 52W H/L 195.00/109.00
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 4328/4372/3001
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 231/575/274

Market Cap/Assets 1598/2912
CMP 191/70 52W H/L 253.00/134.00
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 2983/3176/2432
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 151/250/111

Dwarikesh :
Market Cap/Assets 772/1099
CMP 36.40 52W H/L 42.00/ 19.20
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 1429/1084/874
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 101/95/29

Triveni :
Market Cap/Assets 2072/2687
CMP 80.05, 52W H/L 88.00/ 45.00
T/O 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 3370/3151/2935
P/L 12M0318/12M0319/9M1219 119/216/197

There are many factors that affect sugar companies of which sugar price is just one how ever the international sugar prices are at 2.5 year peak.

Sugar Companies tend to give handsome dividends and almost entire investment is received back in about 8-10 years if investment is made around the low point in sugar cycle. Dhampursug and Dwarkesh declared 60% and 100% interim dividend during last week.

Modi and Yogi govt at centre and at state level would ensure that sugar industry does not suffer unduly neither the farmers suffer unduly. There is already a move to raise ethanol blending and allow sugar mills to divert sugar or otherwise make ethanol.

Interest is a big burden for sugar industry and has already fallen over last many months.

Sugar production will be lower in India and the world but higher in U.P. so there is good chance of U.P. based sugar companies.

Fourth quarter is generally better and the exporting compnies have yet to receive govt subsidy on export at Rs 10k/tonne.

I hope the 52W High of each of above companies will be crossed hence buy some sugar stocks of your choice from among the above.

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