Bajaj-auto @2935 on 26/02/2020

We kept you out of Bajaj-auto; now you may buy it.
Prev Advice:
Bajaj-auto @3145 on 30/01/2020
Precious 3 month H/L for this 3265/3037 and gave you opportunity to enter and exit at rightest points; you may sell it beyond 3220/- if you have in stock and buy it when under 3080/-, for medium/long term…ref (974/3/82335/565/1730/1200/1100/1100/1000/1103/3m1219/12035). Prev Advice: BAJAJ-AUTO @3161 on 23/10/2019 It did go down below 2550/- and touched 2463/- so … Continue reading →
P.S. We shall add 15 Bajaj-auto to PanchtattvaQII and 30 to PanchtattvaQIII at tomorrows opening price.

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