This portfolio was created on 10/10/2019 intending to invest up to Rs 50K in each scrip that we saw promising after its QII results and carried on the exercise investing in all such qualified companies till around 20/11/2019. Since then this portfolio is being nurtured in line with our policy without resorting to any excessive churning. What is invested is mostly carried on till the next quarter before exiting an investment, I needed, however where the scrips in question are originally purchased with medium as well as long term view, part of holding is sold to book profit midway when reasonable profit is seen over the investment value. You have been advised all activity by way of new transactions before hand and is done at opening or the closing price without leaving any scope of manipulation. When we began investing the Nifty was around 11200 (10/10/2019) level and when we finished investing was around 12000 (20/20/2020). Most of investing happened between 11900 (30/10/2019) and 12000 (20/20/2019) of Nifty level. Today invested value stands at 19.74 lacs and profit booked is 0.90 lac while investment value at close of business on 28/02/2020 is 17.65 lacs reprising overall fall in value at 6.02 after a whole week of melt down when Nifty closed at a low point of 11201. We can therefore claim that the performance of this long term portfolio has been stellar because in line with Nifty’s performance it would have fallen by between 6.20 to 6.30%. We post daily performance on our twitter accounts @krsnakhandelwal and @kbk0102 and also have been giving details of stocks held from time to time.

Krishna Khandelwal

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