Now is the time to act

Only this morning we told you to consider the following for purchase should they be available lower than yesterday’s price; now look at the prices just now after circuit-breaker has been applied for Nifty falling by 10%:

Adaniports LTP now 246.35 (-14.36%)
BPCL LTP now 286.80 (-16.70)
Coalindia LTP now 133.25 (-13.78)
Gail LTP 67.70 now (-15.32)
Grasim LTP now 530.70 (-5.20)
Heromotoco LTP now 1667.60 (-12.56)
Hindalco LTP now 105.55 (-12.19)
Infy LTP now 571.05 (-9.53)
IOC LTP now 78.85 (-10.30)
ITC LTP now 136.75 (12.23)
NTPC LTP now 82.05 (-13.04)
ONGC LTP now 53.70 (-14.08)
Powergrid LTP now 154.20 (-7.16)
SBI LTP now 185.35 (-12.82)
UPL LTP now 401.45 (-9.50)
VEDL LTP now 69.75 (-12.65)
Wipro LTP now 172.40 (-13.41)

You have now simply to go long in the above items should you have cash available.

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The indices have been in a very turbulent state. What u must buy today (if today’s price is lower then yesterday’s closing) if listed below:
Adaniports LTP 289/-
BPCL LTP 375/-
Coalindia LTP 156/-
Gail LTP 80/-
Grasim LTP 564/-
Heromotoco LTP 1922/-
Hindalco LTP 121/-
Infy LTP 631/-
IOC LTP 88/-
ITC LTP 156/-
NTPC LTP 94.50
Powergrid LTP 166/-
SBI LTP 215/-
UPL LTP 450/-
Wipro LTP 200/-
These have been selected on various criteria that make these worthy of buying without downside risk. So make most of the meltdown, treat it as oppertunity. Your cash in hand should now be in equity to the extent possible
Krishna Khandelwal’

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