Posted on March 21, 2020

Sugar Scrips and Corona Effect

Friends, Corona scare has made investors so dumb that they have stopped looking at fundamental totally. Just look at following: Avadhsugar market cap at CMP of 115/- is now at 229 crs while this company earned post tax profits of 88cr in FY18, 119crs in FY19 and 28crs in 9 of months FY20 which sums … Continue reading

PanchtattvaQII Portfolio

This Portfolio is maintained since the QII results season. It shows fall of 14.88% in value while Nifty has fallen by about 25% based on average of QII results season and there for the outperformance is by about 10%. We regularly post the progress of Portfolio on out twitter handles @kbk010 and @krsnakhandelwal . Krishna … Continue reading

PanchtattvaQIII Portfolio

Our portfolio shows fall in value of 17.08% against fall in Nifty of nearly by 25% taking average of the period of QIII results announcement. This is about 8% outperformance. We have stuck to investing up to approx 1lac in each scrip. We have not churned it besides booking profits when the investment also had … Continue reading