Posted on May 9, 2020

Shreecem @18732 on 08/05/2020

You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 951/0.49 (200/565/1570/1150/1100/1000/1000/1000/3m0320/cld). (This has entered Nifty only during QIV period hence there is no previous advice.) P.S. We will add 2 shares to PanchtattvaQII, 5 shares each to PanchtattvaQII and PanchtattvaQIV, at next opening price.

ICICIBANK @337.70 on 08/05/2020

You may retain this else buy or medium/long term…ref 894/27.39 (730/905/495/1100/1100/1000/1000/829/3m0320/cld/9251). Prev Advice: ICICIBANK @541 on 27/01/2020 (1105hrs) You may retain/add else buy for medium/long term…ref 987/22.83 (440/715/1340/1100/1150/1100/1000/1054/3m01219/cld/12195). Prev Advice: ICICIBANK @469 on 25/10/2019 Sell half of what you have and keep rest for long term…ref 930/24.69 (490/640/720/1150/1150/1150/1050/1098/3m0919/cld/11583). Prev Advice: ICICIBANK @415 on 26/07/2019 You … Continue reading

Nifty Prospects

Friends, Lockdown lift off us now in sight and may happen in a few days or a few weeks, The QI performance for most companies will be poor only but whenever a normal kind of performance is achieved by companies in general in a quarter after current quarter then the respective share prices would soon … Continue reading