This Portfolio now holds the following:

Adaniports 200 @261.10

Bajajauto 40 @2634/-

Bajfinance 50 @1970/-

Bajajfinsv 24 @4509/-
Infratel 300 @163/-

Drreddy 25 @3950/-
HCLTech 200 @520.85
Hdfcbank 100 @951/-
ICICIBank 300 @341/-
Indusindbk 200 @445/-
Infy 150 @627/-
Kotakbank 90 @1179/-
Maruti 20 @4905/-
Shreecem 5 @19099/-
TCS 50 @1800/-
TechM 100 @504.70

Ultracem 15 @3550/-
Wipro 500 @180.00

Total amount invested stands at Rs 1824k and present value of same is Rs 17941k, profit of 36.2k has been booked so far ; all above items have been purchased as per the observation post QVI results. The maximum investment will be restricted to about Rs 1 lac in one scrip, nothing will be sold or bought in the middle of session and all transactions will be at opening price or at closing price, intention about which will be posted before hand so that all those who are ready to build up portfolio under our system do not miss out to do so while we don’t have freedom to select price prevailing at others points to give out portfolio any false edge. To know the transaction details search the scrip in question. The portfolio shows overall return of 7.38% at current values.

Krishna Khandelwal

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