Present Holding:
Bajajauto 10 @2968.50
Bajfinance 25 @3029.18
HCLTech 50 @520.82
Hdfcbank 30 1254/-
Heromotoco 20 2743/-
HDFC 22 @1900.90
ICICIBank 140 @496.57
Indusindbk 50 @1330/-
Infy 70 @760/-
ITC 360 @236.47
Kotakbank 45 @1463/-
LT 50 @1291.05
Maruti 5 4905/-
NTPC 200 @117.35
ONGC 375 @133.70
SBIN 75 @281.55
TCS 20 @2120/-
Titan 45 @1156.10
TechM 50 @504.70
Ultracemco 20 @4136.67
Vedanta 350 135.90
Yesbank 1125 @16.20

This portfolio was created since the first result for QII was announced and is continuously being maintained as per the observations then and now after QIII and QIV results.

The portfolio now has an investment of Rs 10.07 lac and there is booked loss of Rs 14.04k while present value is Rs 9.16 lac; maximum sum allocated to each of the items is approximately Rs 50k. As you are aware, we report the intention about the transaction to be undertaken in advance and the transaction done is either at opening price or at closing price whatever the case be and it may also be at the prefixed price (as mentioned in the observation post result only) if that is touched during the day; this is all in terms of the observation post results for each company that appears on this blog for benefit of all and can be looked back at by searching for the relevant item. There is absolutely no leverage with us to manipulate the prices at which the transactions are done and are practically possible for anyone who is interested in building portfolio as per our scheme and understanding.

The progress of portfolio is regularly posted at the end of the week for you to assess fully what does it deliver. There is no unnecessary churning of portfolio and reasonable profits are booked on half the holding where the stock is held for medium as well as long term and on whole where there is held just for medium term. The items held for long term will not be touched until after the next quarterly result is assessed. Hope you will find the information provided by us to be useful and guiding you rightly (refer to pinned post ‘panch-tattva…some guidance).

We welcome feedback from you all and will be ready to provide answer to any quarry raised by you.

At this stage the portfolio shows loss of 5.11% against Nifty’s fall since the time of result period of QII is far higher. So this portfolio shows outperformance which you might consider as good enough to follow our observations post quarterly results.

Krishna Khandelwal

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