The following is the present holding in PanchtattvaQIII portfolio:
Asianpaint 60 1750/-
Bajajauto 20 @2602.35
Bajinance 50 @3041.58
HCLTech 200 @506.60
HDFCbank 80 @1153/-
Heromotoco 60 2202.67
HDFC 45 @1844.47
ICICIBank 300 @460.18
Indusundbk 175 @807/-
Infratel 300 @181.93
Infy 190 760/-
ITC 600 @229.27
JSWSteel 600 @230.60
Kotaknbank 80 @1465.37
Larsen(LT) 100 @1220.38
Maruti 10 @4905/-
NTPC 1000 @108.51
ONGC 1300 @91

Powergrid 800 @170.98

SBIN 550 @275.05

TCS 45 @2120

TechM 100 554.98

Titan 90 @1089.98
Ultracemco 20 @3780.50
VEDL 850 @96.85

Yesbank 2250 @16.20
ZEEL 500 @252.20

Total investment at this stage is Rs 23.76 Lac, we have booked loss of Rs 184k so far and present value investment is Rs 21.45 lac.
All transactions intended to be done have been reported to you beforehand and are either at opening price or the closing price of the day. In a few cases where predetermined level of price has been touched, which formed part of original observation post results, are also added to portfolio and reported.
This portfolio is since after first result for QIII result season.
At this stage the portfolio value is down by 6.73% at a time when Nifty is 9039, way down from the level between 11707 to 12352 that prevailed during the period of various result declarations, that means our portfolio has managed to keep the fall lower.

We have not taken credit for dividends received and have also not taken in to account the transaction costs which very for person to person however the dividend yield for Nifty is about 1.65% which is enough to take care of even the higher costs of transactions then the normal rates. This is because we don’t churn the portfolio unnecessarily and when the new quarterly results are declared the same are acted up on as per the observation in most cases. So far many results post QIV have been declared; whatever action we took was within the scope of our observation post QIV result of which u are aware.

Krishna Khandelwal

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