Posted on July 24, 2020

Asianpaint @1710 on 24/07/2020…Sell

You may sell this now if in stock, this mar be bought only after deep correction…ref 844/6.54 (70/129/750/1300/1300/1100/1100/1023/11200/QIFY21). Prev Advice: Asianpaint @1687 on 30/06/2020 Sell it if you have in stock and buy it under 1585/- when corrected else wait for nest advice..ref 846/6.10 (120/210/995/1200/1250/1000/1000/1000/3m0320/cld/10302). Prev Advice: Asianpaint @1782 on 22/01/2020 You may buy it under … Continue reading