Ultracemco @4136 on 28/07/2020…sell

This may be sold now and bought back when under 3865/- till next advice…ref 945/2.73 (255/585/1045/1200/1200/1100/1100/1079/11300/QIFY21).

P.S. We will sell out all holding in our respective portfolios at today opening price.

Prev Advice:

ULTRACEMCO @3571 on 21/05/2020

Retain if you have else buy it for medium/long term…ref 1004/2.54 415/720/2500/1150/1150/1100/1000/926/3m0320/cld).

Prev Advice:
Ultracemco @4690/- on 27/01/2020
It may not yet be purchased, buy it under 4445/- till next advice…ref 881/2.58 (305/485/65/1175/1175/1100/1000/1123/3m1219/cld/12119). Prev Advice: ULTRACEMCO @4250 on 22/10/2019 You might have sold it already and may stay out till next advice…ref 861/2.72 (330/405/600/1200/1150/1150/1050/1009/3m0919/cld/1588). Prev Advice: ULTRACEMCO @4233 on 08/08/2019 You are already out of it in term of advice on 02/05/2019 to … Continue reading →

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