Posted in August 2020

SBIN @191.45 on 31/07/2020…Retain/Buy

You may retain this else buy for medium/long term…ref 1168/57.78 (2000/1410/540/1100/1100/1100/1100/1000/11063/q1fy21). P.S. We will add this to our portfolios to the extent of available room (not more than 1 lac for one scrip). Prev Advice: SBIN on 05/06/20 This entry was posted on June 7, 2020, in stock-specific recommendations and tagged sbin. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment(Edit) This should … Continue reading

Reliance @2067 on 31/07/2020…sell/buy under 1935/-

You may sell if you have it stock and buy under 1665/- till next advice…ref 1032/5.35 (260/620/1500/1150/1150/1100/1100/1376/11063/q1fy21). Prev Advice: Reliance @1466 on 30/04/2020 You may sell it off if you have it however it may be bought under 1051/-…ref 878/6.72 (583/585/465/1100/1100/1000/1000/1188/3m0320/cld/9589). Prev Advice: Reliance 1588/- on 17/01/2020 You may remain out of it for time being … Continue reading