Posted on September 12, 2020


Friends, I appreciate Ambanis for what they delivered in spite of Indiras, Rajivs and V.P.Singhs and helped by Narsimharaos, Atals and Manmohans. Now they have shown exemplary performance in times of Modi. Now there is someone manipulating upwards the share price of Reliance because I don’t find it proper for it to go up in … Continue reading

Our Portfolios

Friends, Have a glimpse of our Portfolios namely PTQIIIFY20, PTQIVFY20 and PTQIFY21. For your reference Nifty closed at 11464 as against previous week’s closing of 11334  i e clocked gain of about 1% while our portfolios have shown slight loss over the week. This has happened because of Reliance having gained more than 10% over … Continue reading