Posted on October 11, 2020

The Markets

Friends, The week bygone has seen Nifty and Sensex show hefty gains but the participation by broader market is luke warm. What to make of it? It’s simply the case that some big players in market have decided to give extra impetus to make a killing in F&O section and have manipulated the market basing … Continue reading


This has improved by 0.25% over the week while Sensex closed up 4.68%. During it’s life time since QIFY21 results season it has returned +2.96%.


This has improved by 0.71% over the week as against Sensex going up by 4.68% which closed 40509. During its lifetime since QIVFY20 result season it has give +11.33%.


This closed up by 0.41% over the week while Sensex closed up by 4.68% over the week. During its life time so far this has returned -4.15% since QIIIFY20 results season.