The Markets


It seems that people in market have lost balance or it is a case of squeezing the bears out of market. In both such situations the wise should wind up their positions totally. The Nifty closed at the ever highest point of 13055.

The market has become vulnerable and the bulls may have themselves trapped if they go on buying spree and dent will be made by none else but the retail/small-time investors. With no one to stand in queue for buying who will buy from those intending to get out at some time future.

The govt may take note of high inflation and may take measures to stop this, it will then be shrinking of money supply and end of bull game simultaneously.

Corona hasn’t shown signs of bidding a good buy and is creating a lot of tension in families that have been trapped by it. There is an atmosphere which will put off any body from purchasing big ticket items like cars, capital goods and properties.

In light of above we have liquidated all our portfolios at todays closing prices and would build them up either after substantial correction or after the commencement of next result season.


Krishna Khandelwal

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