New Portfolio (PTQ3FY21)…performance and activity


You are aware that we liquidated our all portfolios earlier and their respective performance is available under catagory ‘Portfolios’.

We have created a new portfolio (PTQ3FY21) which covers all stocks covered under Nifty and Nifty Next. All these 100 stocks have been or will be analysed post Q3 results. This portfolio is based on opinion that you regularly get on this blog as and when results are announced.

The entire activity is posted for you to examine and match with what we suggested. The result is before you to appreciate. You must keenly watch here for many scrips are to be bought when a certain target price will be achieved. We are sure that this portfolio will out perform the Nifty and Nifty Next over time. Our us a time tested system and previous record is available which is never deleted or edited afterward.

Wish you all best,


Krishna Khandelwal.

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