You are aware that we had closed all previous portfolios in Nov 2020 considering that market was at a point which was not in conformity with fundamentals.

Since November end market kept moving high but we waited for the results seasons to commence. Now the result season for Q3FY21 is almost over and we have analysed the entire equity universed covered under Nifty and Nifty next. We have build up a new portfolio PTQ3FY21 and gave you the first glipse of it on 14/02/2021. The entire detail of activity is also given there. You may note that it is in line with the observations made in respect of individual companies. I am sure you have gone through the pinned post already, if not, please do so now.

I urge you onve again to study what we have presented before you and form your own opinion about our system.

We welcome your comments.


Krishna Khandelwal

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