Who can hold nerve…

Panch Tattva Wisdom


I am not talking of changes in price level from lows of the years, I am pointing out to you the change in Nifty and its component companies over the last 365 days before the melt down. You may see stark difference in level of prices now and back 365 days. Every passing days will make it look even larger, who will then hold nerve becasue companies have had nothing by of fundamental change to warrant the present high level of prices. Just have a look:

Nifty up 34%

Adaniport up 110%

Asianpaint up 33%

Axisbank up 9%

Bajajauto up 44%

Bajajfinsv up 15%

Bajfinance up 24%

Bhartiartl up 4%

BPCL up 9%

Britannia up 15%

Cipla up 91%

Coalindia up -13%

Divislab up 63%

Drreddy up 47%

Gail up 42%

Grasim up 88%

Hcltech up 70%

HDFC up 21%

Hdfcbank up 34%

Hdfclife up 29%

Heromotoco up 66%

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