PTQ3FY21…performance of portfolio

We have produced here the activity during the week ended 01/04/2021 in line with declared policy. Invested amount at present stands at 26.06 lacs while there is gain of 1.74 lacs on mark to market basis including the profits booked thus far. This translates in to annualised XIRR of 40.28%.

Please keep a track of this portfolio, transparency is what we believe in.

Let result season start when we will give stock specific opinions and also translate it into building up portfolio. A new portfolio for QIV will be prepared as well as the PTQ3FY21 will be further carried in light of the new results. This will give an idea how the different portfolios have worked over time. The efficacy of system will be better judged by you by this. You are aware that all previous portfolios were finished by selling in November last and you may look back at them for performance etc. as it is available here itself.


Krishna Khandelwal

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