Nifty Prospect

Slowly turning bullish because none of the sectors may perform poorer in coming times supported by pool of money that is expanding all over d world. There is pause in capacity creation and this is going to give impetus to earning in next sevaral quarters. Sorry for savers.

The result season has commenced and we have seen results of TCS, Infy and WIPRO announced. Infy qualified for straight purchase while TCS and WIPRO should be invested in after slight correction.

The new portfolio namely PTQ4FY21 has commenced, keep track of same. PTQ3FY21 will be carried forward in new light so that you have clear idea that it’s not just the latest one but even historically you remain one up with our system of investing.

You are aware that in Nov 2020 we had liquidated all previous portfolios considering that as the special time to pause and reflect before investing again and has paid off in terms of PTQ3FY21.

My advice to you is to keep recording our opinions in a diary and keep tallying with our activity reported over time, even on day to day basis. We claim to be most transparent, do you find us like that?


Krishna Khandelwal

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