Posted on July 20, 2021

HDFCLIFE @673 on 20/07/2021 (1120 hrs)

This may be retained else bought for medium/long term…ref 770/23.00 (430/55/180/1200/1200/1100/1000/q1fy22). Prev Advice: Hdfclife @671 on 28/04/2021 You may now buy for medium/long term… Ref 771/22.17(560/90/170/958/1200/1200/1000/1000/q4fy21). Prev Advice: HDFCLife @687 on 22/01/2021 You remain out of it or sell if you have it, you may however look for buying it at under 535/- till next advice…ref … Continue reading