Friends, This is the portfolio created with the commencement of result season for Q1FY22. You will find below the activity so far which is based on observations post result that are presented before you from time to time. This will present before you, as ealier portfolios did, the progressive returns which you may compare with other simililar kind of portfolios and MFs and also your own portfolio. This will be done after some more time elapses and portfolio become becomes slightly more broad based when more results pour in. This is based on just 100 companies in Nifty and Nifty Next universe which are studied and either find way in to the portfolio or do not qualify for purchase at current price. Investment in a single scrip will be restricted to approx Rs 1 lac only. In case the observation is posted based on days closing price then the action is done at the opening price on next day of trading and if it is posted during the market hour then the action is instant and at that very price. You may have studied the pinned post to know other aspects of the system followed by us. Hope you will find this interesting and may even apply to your own portfolio building. The past history is available on this site for you to look in to. There is absolute transparency as we regularly post the activity undertaken in all current portfolios.

Krishna Khandelwal

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