Posted in July 2021

M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra ) @733 on 29/07/2021 (1050 hrs)

Retain else buy it fir nesium/ long term… Ref 956/2.54 (950/850/500/959/1200/1100/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) @804 on 01/06/2021 Retain else buy for medium/kong term… ref 937/19.35 (820/780/500/1000/1200/1200/1000/1000/q4fy21 ). Prev Advice: M&M @865 on 05/02/2021 This may be bought at under 765/- till next advice…ref 903/17.25 (800/630/325/1170/1200/1100/1000/1000/q3fy21).

Maruti @6992 on 29/07/2021 (1030 hrs)

This may be bought at under 6835/- till next advice… Ref 785/2.55 (330/190/270/1000/1250/1150/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Maruti Maruti is quoting 7606/- and this may sold now around this price and then wait for next advice post QIFY22 results. Prev Advice: Maruti @6581 on 28/04/2021 Retain else buy this for medium/long term…ref 830/2.26 (480/290/520/991/1250/1200/1000/1000/q3fy21


Friends, lease note down activity in this portfolio today. Now total of 33 comany results have been analysed so far in the current result season by us and 15 have qualified for purchase so far (this includes Kotakbank bought at 1665/- in terms of openion earlier posted. Krishna Khandelwal

Indusindbk @990 on 28/07/2021 (945 hrs)

You may retain this else buy for medium/long term… Ref 1139/15.83 (400/2000/1340/1020/1100/1150/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Indusindbk @935 on 30/042021 Retain else buy for medium/long term…ref 1115/15.64 (410/2000/1250/968/1150/1150/1000/1000/q4fy21). Prev Advice: INDUSINDBK @975 on 02/02/2021 This may be bought for long term at under 865/- for long term…ref 1128/15.04 (390/1930/1180/1331/1100/1100/1000/1000/q3fy21).

Axisbank @726 on 28/07/2021 (0935 hrs)

You may retain this else buy for medium/long term.. Ref 1091/21.59 (290/1595/1445/1000/1150/1150/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: AXISBANK @666 on 29/01/2021 This may be bought at under 635/- till next advice…ref 1007/20.67 (310/1495/840/1222/1100/1100/1000/1000/q3fy21).January 30, 20211 Reply Axisbank @634 on 09/12/2020 We recommended purchase @494 on 29/10/2020; this may now be sold off.

Drreddy @4808 on 27/07/2021 (0925 hrs)

You may sell it you have in stock and wait for next advice… Ref 848/3.25(245/340/770/931/1200/1200/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Drreddy @5218 on 17/05/2021 at 1150 hrs Sell this now and look for buying under 5065/-… ref 921/2.83 (220/440/1170/1200/1250/1000/1000/q4fy21 ). Prev Advice : DRREDDY @4482 on 02/02/2021 You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 763/3.26 (265/265/56/1119/1200/1200/1000/1000/q3fy21)


Please look at activity done in this portfolio, so far only 12 items have qualified for purchase in this result season and 18 items either qualify for purchase at some lower or are to be ignored being in loss or otherwise being in far out of range for purchase, kindly look at stock specific advice … Continue reading

DLF @336 on 27/07/2021 (1250 hrs)

Sell it now if in stock and wait for next advice… 995/47.26 (55/230/2480/1000/1000/1100/1100/1000/47.26). Prev Advice: DLF DLF is quoting 307/- and may be sold entirely now.June 8, 2021Leave a Reply DLF @294 on 02/02/2021 This may bought at under 265/- for medium term…ref 1037/113.35 (80/320/2460/1336/1000/1100/1000/1000/q3fy21).