Posted on October 7, 2021


ACC is quoting 2260/- today (1005 hrs). Please have a look at previous advice, there hasn’t been opportunity to buy it at recommended pruce of 2165/-. You may now buy one lot at current price and look for buying another lot at 2165/- till next advice. Prev Advice: ACC @2255 on 20/07/2021 This may be … Continue reading


Bandhanbank is quoting 318/- today (1105 hrs) and this may niw be sold entirely. Prev Advice: Bandhanbank @300 on 02/08/2021 (1310 hrs) You may buy one lot now and second one at under 265/-… Ref 978/52.93 (290/1180/1090/958/1100/1100/1100/1000/q1fy22 ). Prev Advice: Bandhanbank @289 on 11/05/2021 at 0945 hrs Get out of this if you have and look … Continue reading