Posted in December 2021


ACC is quoting 2209/- today at 1400 hrs and half the quantity in hand may be sold now.


Thia quoting at 27080/- today at 1100 hrs and you may book profit on half the quantity in hand now.

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, it has been almost a year now and this portfolio has posted returns of +29% on annualised basis against return of +22% by benchmark Nifty 100. Markets now are pretty stable and should remain so. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ2FY22…Returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio is down by 3.97% in absolute terms because all through the period this was built has been a bearish period, however, we hope this should come in positive territory quite early in coming time. We told yesterday that markets have lost stream for time being and selctive profit booking will be OK. … Continue reading

PTQ1FY22… Returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio shows annualised returns of 9% now, market have gone up quite a bit from recent lows and you may now bool partial rofits while wating for commencement of result season. Krishna Khandelwal