Posted in October 2022

Experiment With NiftyOption Trading

II / 24 Nov Series/ 31/10/22 (1020 hrs) Buy 17400 Put Option @90.70 Sell 17200 Put Option @62.05 This costs 1432.50 on net basis while b/f investment is 5182.50 and total investment now is 6615.00 We hold now one lot of 17400 Put.

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, you have here the performance of this long running portfolio (since result season for Q3FY21 i. e. since early January ’21). This has returned 16.75% annualised return while bench mark has shown a little over 12% annualized return. We have Rs 50.41 lac invested on cost basis while the present value of same is … Continue reading

PTQ2FY23…returns and activity

Friends, this is the youngest portfolio in making right now as per the observations post quarterly results of companies. You will notice that one unit of ICICINF100 is bought against investment in each scrip qualified for investment and is creating a very useful and valid bench mark for comparison. Right bow the benchmark is showing … Continue reading

PTQ1FY23…returns and activity

Friends, first have a look at activity. This has given 22% annualised return which is running at +7% against benchmark, you may however check it with your own benchmark since it got build up since result season for Q1FY23 i. e. beginning of May ’22. At present we hold a view that market carries more … Continue reading