Experiment with Nifty Option Trading

II / Series Ending 29 Dec ’22

(09/12/2022/ 1300 hrs)

Buy 19000 Call @48/-

This cost 2400/- and now net investment comes to (-) 29500/-.

We now have one lot 18000 Call sold and one lot 19000 Call bought.

Prev Position:

I / Series Ending 29 Dec ’22 (24/11/2022/1315 hrs)

Sell 18000 Call @638.00

We have (-) 31900.00 invested now and have one lot 18000 Call sold which is uncovered at present. We hold bearish view of market as was the case when we began with 24 th Nov series which may leave us with some loss though it has sonw time left to close today.

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