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State of Markets

Friends, I had warned you to be wary of market ruling high om 2nd Sept ’20 when Nifty stood at 11535 and market did fall by a good 200 or so points. It has been showing strength once again and has touched 11600 level of Nifty. Let us examine what goes in to fueling this … Continue reading

Market to Open Lower

We told you only yesterday morning that market doesn’t seem to have any steam left for keeping the thrust of upward move; the SGX Nifty is quoting at 11406 just now down by more than 100 points over the yesterday closing. If such rounds continue for a few days a lot of damage will have … Continue reading

State of Market

The present state of market tells me something which I want to share with you. We can see that it is within the 10% +/- range of peak so far achieved and more particularly in last 52 W. This is however after a period of 5 months that have seen all sectors doing poorly or … Continue reading

If interested…

Friends, If you are interested then you may seek guidance regarding the following scrips that came out with QIFY21 results: Swaraj Engines Tata Elxsi Mindtree Hindzinc Icicilomard DCMShriram Bandhan Bank SBILife ACC SBICard HDFCAsset Crisil PNBHsg Ambujacem Infratel Bharat Electronics Havells Marico You have just to leave you contact in comments box for us to … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks and Scenario

Sugar stocks are static for last few days in a sense of any trigger and because of suspense regarding formal notification regarding hike of MSP by 2/-. Buy back by Balramchin is going on @180/- and about a crore of shares will vanish after it is complete. In a way this should create at demand … Continue reading

Mining Leases Going to be Transferable

This is a mega step in reforms which govt is now ready to take; this should keep mining and mineral sector in fine fettle and also the commodity based manufacturers. Now mining resources will be better utilised and will add to bottom lines of related companies.

Market Matrix

Friends, Every market watcher is asked repeatedly to tell where the market is headed and it’s so difficult to answer it straight away unless u weigh the strength of forces at any particular time which are influencing it. Let’s examine what are the forces working to affect markets. The economy is flooded with fresh supply … Continue reading

It’s Dangerous

Nifty is hovering above 10000 level and there is an impression being made that there is a lot more room to grow. No doubt that there is a lot more room to grow but only in medium to long term. The QI FY21 will be a wash out for manufacturing companies, for automobile sector, for … Continue reading

Sugar Stocks

Friends, It looks to me that sugar scrips will be up by almost 2.5 times over the next 12-18 months because of certain phenomenon that I am observing right now. This may sound absurd to some but believe me there is certain basis for saying so. Things may take any kind of turn any time … Continue reading