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Sugar Sector: Some Surprising Ratios

Sugar scrips were down today along with rest of market. But look at following which will surprise you: Company M/Cap(Crs) Assets Sales Profit CMP/52WHigh/52WLow (30/07/19) Balramchin 3224 3756 4285 570 146/167/66 Triveni 1698 2687 3181 220 57/78/36 Dhampursug 1015 2912 2754 254 153/252/80 Dalmiasug 728 2527 2018 187 90/136/52 Bajajhind 715 6803 8787 -64 6.30/12.1/6.30 … Continue reading

PSBs…the road ahead

One could have said that at some point in time in past that the public sector banks were affected by general inefficiency of staff but since about a decade all have up to date tech enabled systems of best quality helping PSBs in very department of banking. So these banks which have people’s confidence in … Continue reading

Take Aways From Budget 2019-20

Friends, The budget presented some welcome things for the stock market. It’s good that companies with turnover of under 300 crs will pay 25% tax on profits. Some of these companies may well get in to 1000cr club eventually because it was in the previous year that t/o needed to be under 400 cr to … Continue reading

RBI Cuts Rates

RBI Governor was pleased to announce 25bps cut in repo and reverse repo rates . This is third time cut in last 12 months, and all three cuts add up to good amount of cut and should be largely seen to relieve the borrowers. Market reacted adversely but it was more to do with recent … Continue reading

Why Indian Stock Market Is Defying Gravity?

Friends, Markets can move up only when spare money chases stocks and none has need to encash his investment. This is what is happening here. The fund managers around the world have buldging kitty crying for being invested. Since India has become a well organized market place and its economy has hunger for money though … Continue reading

About Market

Friends,   Strange things are happening in market; the financial companies are being traded at over 2-3 times of their book values while they may never have any hidden assets rather may have some hidden liabilities because the managements tends to conceal them as far as possible. This kind of situation makes companies highly leveraged … Continue reading

The Nifty Course

Please read the following two previous posst on the subject. Today I give you another two points about why the fall in nifty beyond a certain level did not have basis. First is that GST collections for Oct ’18 have crossed Rs 1 lac cr mark again and the second is that commercial vehicle sales … Continue reading

So Far

We gave you advice regarding many scrips covered under Nifty during the last week and you may take cue from it for entering market at this stage. Since in most cases buying seems OK, I may tell with certain degree of confidence that Nifty should not be losing ground now. HariOm, Krishna Khandelwal

Read Following With Due Attention

Gentlemen, I invite you to have a look at the following post which is very much relevant to circumstances prevailing now. The Nifty has suffered losses in short period for factors that are not directly related to markets. Careful study of the following post will convince you to be bolder and not miss the opportunity … Continue reading

ADANIPORTS @377 on 09/08/2018

This should be retained, added more else bought afresh for medium/long term…ref 1112/30.42 (125/805/2445/1150/1200/1100/1100/976/3M0618/cld/11470). Prev Advice: ADANIPORTS @396 on 03/05/2018 You may retain it or buy afresh or medium/long term…ref 1143/26.96 (155/850/2460/1150/1200/1150/1150/1030/10679/3M0318/cld). Prev Advice; ADANIPORT You are holding it since 11/05/2016 at under 200/-; you may carry it and even add some more now and … Continue reading