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Nifty PE @26.1

Nifty PE stands at 26.1 at present. It may well be thought that its at a high point historically and might see correction. But there are some facts that justify it. First, since the bench-mark interest rates are low the PEs would tend to remain high. Secondly, some factors like NPAs of the banks, price-war … Continue reading

Market at Peak

Friends, Market has reached an stage where smart money is continuously moving out of the sectors that show little promise and is reluctantly buying the worthy stocks. This is the kind of situation that a correction may take place. In this confused state of market best is to stick to our advice which doesn’t ask … Continue reading

The Budget This Year

Friends, The budget this year has been very sensible and initiates many things that would go a long way in improving the economic condition of the nation. There are very few announcements that would affect the stock market either way, adversely or positively. But the underlying strength in numbers presented, for revenue as well as … Continue reading

Misplaced Concern…

The concern about economy slowing down on account of demonetization is misplaced and slowly people have begun to appreciate that the scheme has brought in a lot of idle money in to banking system, what will not come is going to be a good resource of funds to be spent in infrastructure development without burdening … Continue reading

Our Advice and market…

Friends, I hope you went through the following post; it was based on closing prices on Friday the 18th Nov ’16 when Nifty was above 8000 mark. Luckily you had Nifty go below 7950 on Monday when you had a field day for making an entry at the recent low in terms of prices for … Continue reading

This is what you may do…

This is what you may do for entering market after precipitous fall over the week; but I am talking about just the Nifty universe. ACC last closed @1311 : Buy it now. ADANIPORTS last closed @262 : Buy it now. ASIANPAINT last closed @900 : You may begin to accumulate it now. AMBUJACEM last closed … Continue reading

The fall out of demonetization…

Friends, Just think about the magnitude of the money getting parked in banks which was otherwise confined to safes and vaults. Money in bank becomes useful and is lent for productive purposes even when the depositors remain inactive themselves. Besides even idle money in accounts earn small interest for the sleeping account holders. When the … Continue reading


Friends, The demonetization of rupee 500 and rupee 1000 notes has adversely affected the stock markets. The participants do have a cause of worry but best is to see this state of market’s panic as an opportunity. There is perceived ill effect of on cement and steel industry as this measure would affect the prices … Continue reading

RBI Adopts The Right Course

I take this opportunity to tell you that today our new RBI Governor Mr Urjit Patel has boldly given the economy a push by reducing policy rates by 25 basis points (0.25%). I would now also dare to announce as per my own little understanding of markets and the economy that with another cut in … Continue reading

4% Inflation Over Long Term

The govt has advised the RBI to maintain long term rate of inflation at 4% while it may move in the overall range of 2% to 6% . The RBI Governor will have explain to parliament what were the reason if it moves beyond 6% or if it moved below 2% at any stage. The … Continue reading