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Nifty Changing Color

Friends, its interesting to note that share of Indian stock market in basket of emerging markets is increasing. This very reflects the sound policy initiatives by govt here. Krishna Khandelwal

Buy the invasion…

Friends, war or invasion means expansion of money supply, comanies getting emergency supply orders and overtime working. Physical riskbto assets is also avoided if the theatre of war is far away. So there is sense in saying ‘buy the invasion’ when market fall due to such an event. Krishna Khandelwal

Nifty Movement

Nifty has moved up at an average of 0.52% over last 19 sessions from low of under 16400 to a high of over 18200. Now would you call this a natural phenomenon when nothing extraordinary has happened here or else where? I would not. Also there have been 4 result declarations which have not turned … Continue reading