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Sugar Scene

The sugar cane prices are likely to be raised by at least 15% for coming season which will have a direct impact on profitability of sugar industry besides all subsidies to sugar sector will be withdrawn. In this light sugar sector investors are now carrying a great risk by remaining invested there.

Sugar Stocks

Sugar Stocks may be extited today as these have gone up in expectation of profits going up in future while the future is as uncertain as it ever was. The kisan-agitation is goung on, the next season cane prices will have to be raised by at least 15% which will eat in to sugar company … Continue reading

Some Fundamental Issues of Governance

Market Matrix – 26 Feb 01 – Some Fundamental Issues of Governance By Krishna Khandelwal  The following is my musing self recorded on the 26 Feb 01 and is being reproduced for the readers here and since this raises and deals with some fundamental issues that plague the modern-day governance, it has relevance today:- ‘We … Continue reading

Nifty Prospect

Slowly turning bullish because none of the sectors may perform poorer in coming times supported by pool of money that is expanding all over d world. There is pause in capacity creation and this is going to give impetus to earning in next sevaral quarters. Sorry for savers. The result season has commenced and we … Continue reading

Stimulous and Relief Packages

The govts after govts have been announcing stimulous and relief packages during last 12 months. The govts can not tax people at this unfortunate turn in history of mankind at higher rates and have to spend more and more. The easy option is to print money giving it name of stimulous and relief packages. This … Continue reading

Who can hold nerve…

Friends, I am not talking of changes in price level from lows of the years, I am pointing out to you the change in Nifty and its component companies over the last 365 days before the melt down. You may see stark difference in level of prices now and back 365 days. Every passing days … Continue reading


Friends, You are aware that we had closed all previous portfolios in Nov 2020 considering that market was at a point which was not in conformity with fundamentals. Since November end market kept moving high but we waited for the results seasons to commence. Now the result season for Q3FY21 is almost over and we … Continue reading

Recommendations at a Glance

Abbotindia @14634/- on 09/02/2021…Buy this for medium/long term. ACC @1765.- on 12/02/2021…Buy one lot now and secon lot at under 1635/-. Adanitrans @532/- on 05/02/2021…Buy this at under 435/-. Adaniports @576/- on 10/02/2021…Buy this at under 535/-. Adanigreen @1068/- on 11/02/2021…Wait for correction and next advice. Auropharma @935/-…But this for medium/long term. Axisbank @666/- on … Continue reading

New Portfolio (PTQ3FY21)…performance and activity

Friends, You are aware that we liquidated our all portfolios earlier and their respective performance is available under catagory ‘Portfolios’. We have created a new portfolio (PTQ3FY21) which covers all stocks covered under Nifty and Nifty Next. All these 100 stocks have been or will be analysed post Q3 results. This portfolio is based on … Continue reading

The Budget And RBI’s Policy Meet

The two important events have taken place in this month itself, the budget and later the RBI’s policy meet. Both have announced, more or less, the continuation of what has been. This is major departure and is welcome. Why not let matters settle down and obsrve keenly before attempting to change course because what govt … Continue reading