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PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio is now showing annualised return of 16.54% against 17.81% reported on 30/12/2023. The our benchmark now shows 11.68% annualised return against 12.81% reported on 30/12/2023. You may look at activity also which might be of interest to you. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ3FY23…Returns and activity

Friends, this is latest one and is in works and will progress as the results for Q3FY23 results pour in. Keep track and also note that the benchmark is being created along side for future reference while judging perdormance of portfolio. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio has become almost 2 yrs old now. It has returned 17.81 % annualised returns while the benchmarch created by us has given 12.82 % annualised return which you may check below. For the entire two year period the returns as per benchmark is 26.92 % and for the portfolio it is 38.29 … Continue reading

PTQ1FY23… Returns and activity

This has clocked 32.90 % return on annualized basis which is about 10% better over the benchmark but let this mature a bit more to make sense of annualised return. You may have serious look at the activity which will give a fair idea of what’s happening. Investment is 45.75 lacs at present while t/o … Continue reading


Friends, this portfolio has clocked annualised return of 12.87% and this is better of about 5% over the benchmark. Check it and you will find the same. The activity may be noted also. We have been having a slightly bearish view of market but thats immaterial as far as this portfolio is concerned because the … Continue reading


Friends, we are reporting about this portfolio since after 30/10/22. You may look at activity which is in accordance with our post result obeservation. This has kept pace with market and the performance at 19.04% on annualised basis is better by 4% over the benchmark. You may check it. RBI has raised the benchmark rates … Continue reading