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PTQ2FY23…returns and activity

Friends, this has performed better by 11% on annualized basis, over the benchmark. When this portfolio was taking shape Nifty had touched peak of 18644 and now its 17660. This must be taken as remarkable feat. We are eagerly awaiting for results to pour in and shall present to you our observations. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ1FY23…returns and activity

Friends, this has achieved +6.11% annualized return till thus point which is better by over 6% against the benchmark. Clearly we have had a good run over the last three quarters. We are noticing that in almost all portfolios there is outperformance by about 5% or so. Needless to say that we don’t account for … Continue reading


Friends, uts down by 1.80% in absolute terms on net basis while benchmark is down by more than 4%. Market is struggling at low point and in our opinion thungs will improve with commencement of result season next month. Krishna Khandelwal


Friends, there is annualized return of just 3.40% while the benchmark is down by 3.17%, so it has beaten the benchmark by about 6%. You may check it against your own benchmark, even against tour own portfolio or MFs that you have invested in. Markets are in turmoil for one reason or the other. Our … Continue reading

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, this is the oldest running portfolio with us. Annualized return for this is 13.28% against benchmark showing 8.26% (you may look at your own benchmark and this commenced in Jan ’21 and progressed with result season for Q3FY21 ). We have not taken credit for dividends and neither have accounted for costs which would … Continue reading

PTQ2FY23…returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio has outperformed the benchmark by a good 10% which you may also check against your own benchmark of equivalnce. I expect that you have understood the whole scheme of things involved in creation and conduct of the portfolios, anyone with need to know more may get in touch. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ1FY23…returns and activity

Friends, this portfolio has turned in 3.06% returns and this is about 4% more than the benchmark. You must carefully study the activity which is as per post resukt observations without going in for more than about 1 lac as inveatment in a single scrip. We are invested to the extent of 72.9 lac. Krishna … Continue reading

PTQ4FY22…returned and activity

Friends, this portfolio has lived for almost a year and would be extinguished towards the end of Feb ’23. This has delivered 12.25 % annualized returns which has outperformed by good margin against the benchmark, you may compare your own portfolio’s performance and tell us too for sake of an idea. Our attempt has been … Continue reading

PTQ3FY23…returns and activity

Friends, please carefully track the activity, it represent what we give to by way of observation post result. We have given detail about benchmark created for purpose of tracking perfirmance of the portfolio maintained under our scheme of things. The portfolio is showing 16.37% annualized return against 5.39% for benchmark. You may judge it against … Continue reading