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PTQ4FY22…Returns and activity

Friends, market melted, due to may be Fed action along with Ukrainian developments. In a any case we had the opinion that further rise wasn’t possible without some consolidation. Now we are in a different territory and those who have some apetite to may get in to equity at around 17000 Nifty level. In about … Continue reading

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, market is at a high point and return on this portfolio is not keeping behind. This portfolio also has just 44 lac in investment at this stage as against total possible investment of Rs 100 lac i.e 1 lac in each scrip under Nifty and Nifty Next. Annualised return at this point is 19.37% … Continue reading

PTQ2FY22…returns and activity

Friends, the activity may be looked at and there is about 5% annualised return while index is about at the same as was over the periid of its formation some 9 months back. There is nothing much to tell about the market, the elections are about a year and half away and will have a … Continue reading

PTQ1FY23… Returns and activity

Friends, this is the latest portfolio and has turned in 72% on annualised basis, test it against benchmark of your own. We are sure you will there is worth in our system of evaluation of stocks at a given point and act upon as per observation. Markets have been behaving as per the expectations. GST … Continue reading

PTQ4FY22…returns and activity

Friends, Its after some gap that I am addressing you because of being out of town. Market in the mean time go up but it seemed only a false move. Market has to wait for a few coming weeks before going up any further. The US market is down due to fed related matters. At … Continue reading

PTQ3FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, note the return and the activity under thus portfolio which is totally as per the post-result observations. We will not talk about the outperformance and would leave it to you to find out. At this stage of market we think that it is now fairly priced with an upward bias. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ2FY22…returns and activity

Friends, the market performed exactly as we anticipated. This portfolio, which came in existance at time when market was at peak, also has given positive returns. Please follow post result advice to make most of the opportunities. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ1FY23…Returns and activity

Friends, have a glimpse on this latest portfolio in process of creation since the beginning of current results season. Have a carefull look at items bought and you may even match the prices with post result recommendations. About 20 items were for immediate purchase, 16 were not to be purchsed, some of which are to … Continue reading

PTQ4FY22…Returns and activity

Friends, there have been many results that have been analysed and reported to you. This portfolio is maintaining its progress viz a viz benchmark. Our GDP growth us expected to remain between 7 to 8% which is not bad considering rest of the big nations of the world might not equal. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ3FY22…Returns and activity

Friends, it has performed good against the benchmark and that pleases us because of so much turmoil in the past 2 quarters. Take note of activity. Results have been OK. Particularly of banks. Remain invested. Krishna Khandelwal