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Friends, This is the portfolio created with the commencement of result season for Q1FY22. You will find below the activity so far which is based on observations post result that are presented before you from time to time. This will present before you, as ealier portfolios did, the progressive returns which you may compare with … Continue reading

PTQ3FY21, PTQ4FY21 and PTQ1FY22

PTQ3FT21 : This portfolio began its journey on 22/01/2021 when we identified first item worthy of purchase post result announcement for Q3FY21. Now result season for Q1FY22 has commenced and we have added TCS on 09/07/2021. Now investment in this stands at 27.71 lac while annualised XIRR stands at 54.97% and unannualized XIRR stands at … Continue reading