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M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) @772 n 14/11/2018

You may now buy this in good measure for medium/long term…ref 981/13.69 (565/720/1270/1200/1100/1050/1050/900/3M0918/10575). Prev Advice: M&M (Mahindra and Mahindra) @928 n 08/08/18 You may still stay away and accumulate under 900/-; it did fall after the last advice to 882/- by 21st June ’18 but not enough to allow you to accumulate and by the … Continue reading

TATASTEEL @577 on 14/11/2018

You may retain/buy this for medium/long term…ref 1230/18.32 (2000/1570/825/1200/1150/1050/1050/1000/3M0918/cld/10576). Prev Advice: TATASTEEL @570 on 13/08/2018 This should be retained, added more or bought afresh for medium/long term…ref 1157/19.92 (2000/1195/515/1200/1150/1100/1100/1000/3M0618/cld/11355). Prev Advice: TATASTEEL @610 on 17/05/2018 You may retain, add/buy for medium/long term…ref 1316/17.51 (2000/2500/405/1200/1200/1150/1100/980/3M0318/cld/10682). Prev Advice: TATASTEEL @708 on 14/02/2018 This went ex-right (benefit per … Continue reading

SBIN @283 on 14/11/2018

Those who accumulated this as per last advice must have booked decent profits too as it touched high of 310/- on 31/08/2018; you may now also begin to accumulate this for medium/long term…ref 955/37.3(1255/966/70/1150/1100/1050/1050/1000/3M092018/cld/10576). Prev Advice: SBIN @255 on 22/05/2018 We are keeping it off our radar because it has posted losses in latest quarter, … Continue reading

EICHERMOT @23198 on 14/11/2018

If you invested in this as per last advice even then you must be comfortable with it as it has performed in line with Nifty Index and should retain it, some of you may have booked partial profits too as it touched high of 29660/- on 19//09/2018; those of you who don’t have it may … Continue reading

COALINDIA @264 on 13/11/2018

You may retain this and add more on dips for medium/long term…ref 993/39.58 (485/870/1390/10450/1100/1050/1050/953/3M0918/cld/10451). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @294 on 28/08/2018 You may retain this as well as add more on dips for medium/long term…ref 1055/39.78 (530/995/1560/1000/1100/1100/1100/1061/3M0618/cld/11738). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @286 on 14/06/2018 You may retain what ever you hold for medium/long term and don’t buy … Continue reading

INFRATEL @266 on 09/11/2018

You may retain this and add more for medium/long term…ref 140/635/2620/1250/1150/1050/1050/1000/3M0918/cld/10585). Prev Advice: INFRATEL @289 on 27/07/2018 You may retain, add more for medium/long term…ref 1040/39.02 (125/590/2005/1250/1200/1100/1100/956/11278/3M0618/cld). Prev Advice: Infratel You may add this at around 295/- : it closed @297/70 on 04/07/2018. Leave a comment (Edit) INFRATEL @327 on 23/04/2018 The advice given last … Continue reading

HEROMOTOCO @2959 on 09/11/2018

Carry it if you have in stock else buy it for medium/long term…ref 967/3.57 (615/670/1075/1200/1100/1050/1050/982/3M0918/10585). Prev Advice: HEROMOTOCO @3203 on 27/07/2018 You may sell this now and buy under 3070/- for medium/long term…ref 951/3.52 (550/600/1030/1200/1100/1100/1100/051/3M0618/11278). Prev Advice: HEROMOTOCO @3671 on 03/05/2018 at 1.25PM You may now begin to accumulate this on dips but with a … Continue reading

TITAN @846 on 09/11/2018

You might be holding it at under 880/-in terms of what we have been advising you previously, you must stick with it and don’t ever be in a hurry to unload it even at profit, you may keep adding more of this to your portfolio…ref 859/12.51 (245/210/665/1350/1300/10500/1050/1000/3M0918/cld/10585). Prev Advice: TITAN @920 on 03/08/2018 You may … Continue reading

HINDPETRO @229 on 06/11/2018

Retain else accumulate on dips for medium/long term…ref 797/46.28 (2000/375/160/1100/1100/1050/1050/1000/3M0918/10599). Prev Advice; HINDPETRO @280 on 09/08/2018 This may be retained, bought afresh for medium/long term…ref 1009/40.06 (2000/445/255/1100/1100/1100/1100/976/3M0618/11470). Prev Advice: HINDPETRO @296 on 25/05/2018 No need to sell it; you may buy more at this stage for just medium term…ref 1043/35.82 (2000/452/287/1150/1100/1100/1100/1159/3M0318/10605). Prev Advice: HINDPETRO In … Continue reading

HINDALCO @243 on 06/1/2018

You might have sold it as did go past 250/- by 3/10/18 but may have picked up yet; you may stay out of this even now…ref 887/43.61 (800/529/285/1200/1150/1050/1050/3M0918/10599). Prev Advice: HINDALCO @222 on 10/08/2018 This may be sold beyond 244/- and picked up back under 212/- between now and net advice…ref 927/51.48 (855/620/390/1200/1150/1100/1100/1000/10429/3M0618). Prev Advice: … Continue reading