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AXISBANK @465 on 18/10/2017

You might have accumulated this on dips and you may add some more by way of buying on dips with medium/long term view…ref 927/21.95 (495/905/245/1200/1200/1200/1200/970/3M/0917/10210). Prev Advice: AXISBANK @527 on 26/07/2017 You may carry it if you have in stock, if you booked profit you may accumulate this on dips for medium/long term…ref 1000/19.01 (440/935/930/1200/1150/1150/1200/1000/3M/cld/10020). N.B. … Continue reading

BAJAJ-AUTO @3256 on 17/10/2017

You may now sell this off and wait for next advice, or later accumulate up on correction for medium term…ref 1054/3.14 (280/530/1685/1250/1200/1200/1200/1088/3M/0917/10234). Prev Advice: BAJAJ-AUTO @2803 on 18/08/2017 You have been lucky to be out of this after booking profit as per last advice; now you may accumulate it for medium/long term…ref 1036/3.5 (270/530/1690/1250/1200/1150/1200/1000/3M/0617/9837). N.B. You … Continue reading

WIPRO @295 on 18/10/2019

If you haven’t yet booked profit after accumulation as per last advice you may look for opportunities for booking profit now onward and wait for next advice…1072/34.69 (380/715/1630/1250/1200/1200/1200/1000/3M/cld/0917/10210). Prev Advice: WIPRO @289 on 25/07/2017 It went ex-bonus since last advice and you had opportunity to once again book profit; now you may accumulate this again for … Continue reading

RELIANCE @876 on 13/10/2017

Now you may sell this (it has gone ex-bonus in ratio of 1:1 since last advice, this translates in to pre-bonus price of 1772/-) and wait for some correction to begin to accumulate for long term…ref 1030/11.6 (705/810/885/1200/1250/1200/1200/1000/3M/0917/cld). Prev Advice: RELIANCE @1576 on 18/08/2017 You may retain this and if you booked profits then accumulate it … Continue reading

TCS @2556 on 13/10/2017

If you hold it than carry it, otherwise accumulate on dips with medium term point of view only…ref 1071/3.97 (250/590/2060/1150/1150/1200/1150/1020/3M/0917/cld/10167). Prev Advice: TCS @2439 on 13/07/2017 You had good opportunity to accumulate at right stage in terms of last advice and had chance to book profit since it went up to 2700/- on 6th June ’17 … Continue reading

INDUSINDBK @1748 on 13/10/2017

You are in good profit once again in this scrip by investing as per last advice; now you should look at booking profit on surges and sit back…ref 1015/5.81 (205/425/1630/1250/1200/1200/1150/1065/3M/0917/10167). Prev Advice: INDUSINDBANK @1561 on 11/07/2017 You might have accumulated at good average in terms of last advice as it slid down to 1380 on 09/05/2017, … Continue reading

INFY @923 on 18/08/2017

You may sell this on surges and accumulate also on dips with medium term point of view…ref 1088/10.65 (300/765/2020/1150/1150/1150/1200/951/3M/9837/cld/0617). Prev Advice: INFY @931 on 13/04/2017 Those who bought it with medium term point of view had good opportunity to book profits when it crossed 1030 mark in Feb/Mar of 2017, if you are still holing it … Continue reading

RELIANCE @1576 on 18/08/2017

You may retain this and if you booked profits then accumulate it for medium/long term…ref 1038/6.24 (500/700/1275/1200/1250/1150/1200/1029/3M/0617/9837). Prev Advice: Reliance @1416 on 24/04/2017 You must be most please to hold this stock as per last advice; you may continue to hold it and accumulate some more if you have funds, for medium/long term i e you … Continue reading

POWERGRID @222 on 18/08/2017

You must retain this and keep buying whenever have spare funds, for medium/long term…ref 1266/44.31 (245/1770/2380/1150/1200/1150/1200/1032/3M/0617/9837). Prev Advice: POWERGRID @209 on 29/05/2017 You may retain it for long term and add some more..ref 1267/45.95 (245/1775/2425/1100/1200/1200/1150/1045/3M/0317/9605). Prev Advice: POWERGRID @202 on 9/02/2017 You must be invested in this at a good level of price since Jan ’16, retain … Continue reading

NTPC @173 on 18/08/2017

You may retain it and buy afresh as well for medium/long term…ref 1059/56.86 (555/1025/1201/1150/1150/1150/1200/1042/3M/0617/9837). Prev Advice: NTPC @157 on 29/05/2017 You may carry this for medium/long term, those who do not have it may buy now…ref 1012/61.21 (630/975/840/1150/1150/1200/1150/1000/3M/0317/9610). Prev Advice: NTPC @170 on 14/02/2014 You carry it if you have it otherwise accumulate it on declines for … Continue reading