CRISIL @1948 on 20/04/2017

Friends, I am giving an inkling about entering this wonderful item as a special gift to you as I have been restricting free advice to just Nifty stocks. The following is my advice after it declared its quarterly results yesterday for period ended 31/03/2017: ‘You may accumulate this for long term and should only be … Continue reading

YESBANK @1545 on 20/04/2017

You must have bought is at good price and must have booked profits too as it went beyond 1600/– since then, you may now begin to accumulate on dips but for medium term only…ref 1054/5.91 (315/725/1630/1200/1150/1200/1150/1058/9136/3M/0317). Prev Advice: YESBANK @1347 on 19/01/2017 You are lucky to be in this as per last advice and must carry … Continue reading

INDUSINDBANK @1428 on 20/04/2017

You must have booked profit in terms of last advice, now you may begin to accumulate this on dips for medium term only…1009/6.39 (235/595/1490/1200/1150/1200/1150/1057/3M/0317/9136). Prev Advice: INDUSINDBANK @1195 on 11/01/2017 You are sitting on good profit now and you may retain this for medium term now i e don’t hesitate to book profit when you deem … Continue reading

TCS @2328 0n 20/04/2017

You were advised to be out of this when buy-back announcement was made, it has fallen too ince then and you mau now accumulate this but just for medium term…ref 1081/3.91 (205/635/2120/1150/1200/1200/1150/1000/12M/cld/0317/9106) Prev Advice: TCS…Buy-back Announcement Friends, TCS board has announced buy-back of its equity to the extent of Rs 16000 crs at some premium … Continue reading

INFY @931 on 13/04/2017

Those who bought it with medium term point of view had good opportunity to book profits when it crossed 1030 mark in Feb/Mar of 2017, if you are still holing it then please stick with it, you may buy/add this for medium/long term even now…ref 1099/9.82 (320/765/2060/1200/1200/1150/1150/945/3M/cld/9150). Previous Advice: INFY @973 on 13/01/2016 You may continue … Continue reading

AMBUJACEM @229 on 28/10/2017

You may retain what u have; those who don’t have may accumulate on dips in moderation, this is good for medium term… ref 870/38.86 (425/375/410/1250/1150/1150/1150/1050/3M/1216/cld/8900). P.S. You may seek our help in making decision about buying stocks through . Prev Advice: AMBUJACEM @240 on 04/11/2016 Those who accumulated on dips as per last advice may … Continue reading

TCS…Buy-back Announcement

Friends, TCS board has announced buy-back of its equity to the extent of Rs 16000 crs at some premium over prevailing price on proportionate basis through stock-exchanges. This might seem a good and beneficial announce but in fact it would dent the share price post buy back hence it is best to sell entire holding … Continue reading

Predict Nifty…Win Prizes

Friends, You are all invited to participate in the friendly contest of predicting Nifty closing on the 15th Feb ’17 by posting your anticipated level of closing before 3 PM i e 1500 Hours IST. The closest entry to the actual closing will entitle you to win a cash reward of Rs.300, there would be … Continue reading

LUPIN @1427 on 14/02/2017

You must have booked profit in this in term of advice last time as it touched high of 1540/- since then as we clearly instructed to keep it for only a medium term; now you accumulate this on dips for only medium term… ref 942/6.16 (280/535/1110/1250/1150/1150/1100/970/3M/1216/cld/1400/1540/8792). Prev Advice: LUPIN @1460 on 11/11/2016 You may retain this … Continue reading

BANKBARODA @168 on 14/02/2017

You may still retain it, those who are out of this may accumulate on declines for medium/long term…ref 1024/52.33 (1255/1185/205/1150/1150/1150/1100/1000/3M/1216/150/188/8792). Prev Advice: BANKBARODA @162 on 11/11/2016 You must retain it for medium/long term now and buy if you don’t have it…ref 1062/51.20 (1280/1260/460/1150/1100/1100/1150/3M/8296). P.S. You may have your portfolio (of up to 20 scrips) health-checked against … Continue reading