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Sugar Scrips and Corona Effect

Friends, Corona scare has made investors so dumb that they have stopped looking at fundamental totally. Just look at following: Avadhsugar market cap at CMP of 115/- is now at 229 crs while this company earned post tax profits of 88cr in FY18, 119crs in FY19 and 28crs in 9 of months FY20 which sums … Continue reading

Buy Sugar Stocks By All Means

At this stage of sugar industry when most sugar stocks (talking of U.P. based mills) have slid by between 15% to 30% from their recent peaks there is a big chance to make money by buying a mix of the following: Avadhsugar LTP 240/- Bajajhind LTP 6.50 Balramchin LTP 142/50 Dhampursug LTP 173.25 Dwarkesh LTP … Continue reading