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Stimulous and Relief Packages

The govts after govts have been announcing stimulous and relief packages during last 12 months. The govts can not tax people at this unfortunate turn in history of mankind at higher rates and have to spend more and more. The easy option is to print money giving it name of stimulous and relief packages. This … Continue reading

The Markets

The markets tanked after China centeric issues and the world getting jitters on that account, the slide rather steep from recent highs crossing 8500 and now stabilizing at around 7900 of Nifty is a safe point for entry as I don’t see Indian economy giving reason to worry in light of its robust reserves and … Continue reading

Spain’s Banks Get Help

The Spanish banks would be helped with $125 billion kitty but the whole road map is still not there. The remedy for a long time existing sickness can not be instant but it will work as a pain reliever. I think the Europe’s problem can only be dealt with in this piecemeal fashion and  by … Continue reading

GDP Disappointment #GDP #India

The last quarter GDP growth at 5.3% is really some thing that should jolt the govt and put it on high alert. The FY 11-12 closed with growth of 6.5% and may be taken in stride as the world’s economic condition was not conducive for India to have performed at a higher level than this. … Continue reading

Let Us Worry and Not Worry Too #Crude #Economy

The Crude prices are a definite concern for India when they rise but when the rupee falls crude should not be blamed. The parity of currencies will adjust on a continuous  basis and there is nothing that is special about it. However , when the crude prices jump in a manner outpacing all other commodities … Continue reading

Missile for Defense

India has done what it needed to do. It has successfully launched an ICBM yesterday which met most of the parameters set for it. It took 20 minutes to cover 5000 Km distance by going into space and coming back before it slashed down between southern tips of Australia and Africa. The team leader Mr … Continue reading

Its China

The Chinese have some trouble brewing up in their political sphere due to leadership change issues. The world hardly knows what’s going on. In fact , if  China remains still behind a iron curtain , while its military expenditure is over 100 billion dollars, the world has to worry. Its military strength is maximum besides … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…our legacy

Friends, State Bank of India has for the umpteenth time reduced the interest rates on retail deposit. This is simple extension in line with the lower credit off take and risks in doling out retail credit to all and sundry. I have been at pain explaining all the while that the high interest (real rate)  phenomenon … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…the gambit pays off

Friends, How remarkably the Sensex has crossed the 17000 mark. It took just 15 session for it to acheive this feat. However, last time when it performed the coverage of 1000 pts between 16000 and 17000, the time taken was just 5 sessions of trade. Why does the pace advance between 16000 and 17000, the … Continue reading