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Stimulous and Relief Packages

The govts after govts have been announcing stimulous and relief packages during last 12 months. The govts can not tax people at this unfortunate turn in history of mankind at higher rates and have to spend more and more. The easy option is to print money giving it name of stimulous and relief packages. This … Continue reading

The Markets

The markets tanked after China centeric issues and the world getting jitters on that account, the slide rather steep from recent highs crossing 8500 and now stabilizing at around 7900 of Nifty is a safe point for entry as I don’t see Indian economy giving reason to worry in light of its robust reserves and … Continue reading

Nifty at this juncture…

Gentlemen, I have reproduced the two previous posts which gave you broader direction regarding the markets. I think those who too these suggestions seriously have been safe and now better placed to make an entry in moderate fashion. I base my advice around this time on the facts of lowering of policy interest rates by … Continue reading

PM’s Bold Announcements

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken some bold decisions and which may bring some FDI money into the country and also spur some extra activity in the economy. But to a person who has an idea about the necessity of a wholistic approach based on well thought out economic model for the country over a … Continue reading

Capital For India Inc

The following post appeared on http://www.birdinfo.net on 29th Dec 2009 and is being reproduced here. The Manmohan Singh Govt has faltered since then and we see the result as bad for markets and economy. The moot point is that capital raising is the important thing for India’s economy and should be encouraged. Tinkering with interest … Continue reading

The Way Ahead #Economy #India

We in India have an uneasy feeling regarding as to what has gone wrong with the upbeat mood of all sections of society suddenly. The poor have no means to convey their discomfiture in a manner that would be taken notice of by the govt or the politicians and may be that they don’t have … Continue reading

GDP Disappointment #GDP #India

The last quarter GDP growth at 5.3% is really some thing that should jolt the govt and put it on high alert. The FY 11-12 closed with growth of 6.5% and may be taken in stride as the world’s economic condition was not conducive for India to have performed at a higher level than this. … Continue reading

Let Us Worry and Not Worry Too #Crude #Economy

The Crude prices are a definite concern for India when they rise but when the rupee falls crude should not be blamed. The parity of currencies will adjust on a continuous  basis and there is nothing that is special about it. However , when the crude prices jump in a manner outpacing all other commodities … Continue reading