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panch-tattva talk…funding infrastructure

Friends, The infrastructure, in fact the backbone of nations economy, has been suffering from the lack of fund to carry out the important and mega projects. The govt this time is beseiged of the problem of deficit in hand. Any slippage, however, will be costing the nation dearly as it did in case of Bandra-worli … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…libor

Friends, The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) for three month borrowing has fallen to just 0.85 pc according to British Bankers’ Association. LIBOR, a benchmark gauge for about $360 trillion of financial products around the world has tumbled as the US Fed and Govt have committed $12.8 trillion to bail out economy. In India the … Continue reading

panch-tattva…some guidance

Dear Investors/Traders, We cover stocks under Nifty/Nifty-Next and form an opinion. The results, whenever announced, are analyzed and observations are made considering almost all aspects of the business and environment. You will find such an opinion in a nutshell under ‘stock-specific recommendations’. We call our system of study ‘panch-tattva’. To understand it please read the … Continue reading