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The Markets and Historical Performance of Companies

The market has not stopped its upward journey, the reason seem to be nothing else but the advent of Corona vaccines and the liquidity injected, and expectation of further such injections. The companies are likely to perform better but we have still to confirm whether the performance will be better against a normalised past year … Continue reading

GDP and Markets

Friends, there has been a lot of noise about India losing on GDP front, the growth is now slated to come down to 6.7% from 7.2%. But why then the market is refusing to go down or stay down. The fact of the matter is that while there might be some slow down experienced lately, … Continue reading

GDP Disappointment #GDP #India

The last quarter GDP growth at 5.3% is really some thing that should jolt the govt and put it on high alert. The FY 11-12 closed with growth of 6.5% and may be taken in stride as the world’s economic condition was not conducive for India to have performed at a higher level than this. … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk

Friends, Semi-conductors would be produced in India in a big way, Fab City in Hyderabad would shortly take off with $7bn investment for this purpose. RBI is mulling over the idea of making public the ratings of banks. This is slightly complex matter as it may damage the banks concerned if poor rating comes to … Continue reading