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Capital For India Inc

The following post appeared on http://www.birdinfo.net on 29th Dec 2009 and is being reproduced here. The Manmohan Singh Govt has faltered since then and we see the result as bad for markets and economy. The moot point is that capital raising is the important thing for India’s economy and should be encouraged. Tinkering with interest … Continue reading

The Poverty and Politics

The number regarding those who are below poverty-line has been announced. Its lower at 29.8% of population in 2009-10 , down by 7.4% since 2004-05 . The spend rate/person  of Rs 22.43 for rural areas and Rs 28.65 in urban areas has been taken as cut off for determining the people afflicted by poverty. Some … Continue reading

Railway Minister Would Resign?

The Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi earlier presented Railway Budget for 2012-13 and earned wrath of his party chief Ms Mamata Banerjee for raising rail fares defying the party’s line on the issue. Now the party wishes him to resign but the minister says that he would do so when specifically instructed by either the party … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…prices rise

Friends, The deficit in rain fall is going make some people eat less as the ‘tur daal’ is up by 78pc and sugar is up by 45pc. Rice and Wheat also are costlier by 5pc and 7pc. This is causing inflation but of domestic variety. The further dose of inflation would come due to. Higher … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…money chases stocks

Friends, The derth of money is the real issue behind the melt downs in stock markets, always. Its the real factor behind the extraordinery moves upwards in stock markets. In fact it works in two ways ie when there is shortage of capital or say liquidity, the businesses suffer and when the businesses suffer the … Continue reading

panch_tattva talk…they have done it

Friends, The worst fears have come true and those who set course to bring the Nifty down to 4000 have demonstrated it. I may tell here that this downward movement has been engineered and is not natural. The technical position had got worsened and public got slightly unnerved. I still say that take this opportunity … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…post budget

Friends, The budget has been rated as good by some and not so good (even bad) by some. The real concern shown by experts and foreigners is about the large budget deficit that has been left uncovered. There contention is that govt borrowing will be on a large scale and would put pressure of interest … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…nifty goes free float

Friends, Nifty would go free float from today as was announced previously by NSE. US markets have gained by about 2pc yesterday and Asia is positive today. It may therefore be assumed that in India the opening will at least be at healthy level, also, the results from ‘tatasteel’ and ‘unitech’ which were announced yesterday, … Continue reading