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State of Markets

Friends, I had warned you to be wary of market ruling high om 2nd Sept ’20 when Nifty stood at 11535 and market did fall by a good 200 or so points. It has been showing strength once again and has touched 11600 level of Nifty. Let us examine what goes in to fueling this … Continue reading

Market to Open Lower

We told you only yesterday morning that market doesn’t seem to have any steam left for keeping the thrust of upward move; the SGX Nifty is quoting at 11406 just now down by more than 100 points over the yesterday closing. If such rounds continue for a few days a lot of damage will have … Continue reading

State of Market

The present state of market tells me something which I want to share with you. We can see that it is within the 10% +/- range of peak so far achieved and more particularly in last 52 W. This is however after a period of 5 months that have seen all sectors doing poorly or … Continue reading

Market Matrix

Friends, Every market watcher is asked repeatedly to tell where the market is headed and it’s so difficult to answer it straight away unless u weigh the strength of forces at any particular time which are influencing it. Let’s examine what are the forces working to affect markets. The economy is flooded with fresh supply … Continue reading

Indian Markets : Likely Scenario

Let’s first look in to what put Indian banking system in the troubled state which has bought many a financial companies under pressure. It began with reckless lending by banks in times of UPA-I and UPA-2 when Manmohan Singh wanted to reduce the negative effect on Indian corporates after the 2008 meltdown. The second, was … Continue reading

Where is market headed to

Friends, With reference to Nifty after many big companies having declared results far I am inclined to say that market may not move down because companies have shown better bottom line due to tax relief which will be more pronounced in case of FMCG companies which have yet to announce results. The second helpful factor … Continue reading

Nifty in trouble

Nifty lost heavily on SGX in view of the Iranian attack on UD bases in Iraq, there is surely a cause for worry on that account however since the theatre of war is away from us it shouldn’t be a death like worry. Further there will be expansion in money supply all over the world … Continue reading

Why Indian Stock Market Is Defying Gravity?

Friends, Markets can move up only when spare money chases stocks and none has need to encash his investment. This is what is happening here. The fund managers around the world have buldging kitty crying for being invested. Since India has become a well organized market place and its economy has hunger for money though … Continue reading

About Market

Friends,   Strange things are happening in market; the financial companies are being traded at over 2-3 times of their book values while they may never have any hidden assets rather may have some hidden liabilities because the managements tends to conceal them as far as possible. This kind of situation makes companies highly leveraged … Continue reading