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Market Matrix

Friends, Every market watcher is asked repeatedly to tell where the market is headed and it’s so difficult to answer it straight away unless u weigh the strength of forces at any particular time which are influencing it. Let’s examine what are the forces working to affect markets. The economy is flooded with fresh supply … Continue reading

It’s Dangerous

Nifty is hovering above 10000 level and there is an impression being made that there is a lot more room to grow. No doubt that there is a lot more room to grow but only in medium to long term. The QI FY21 will be a wash out for manufacturing companies, for automobile sector, for … Continue reading

Predict Nifty, Win Prize

Friends, You are all invited to participate in the friendly contest of predicting Nifty closing on the 30 Feb ’20 by posting your anticipated level of closing before 3 PM i e 1500 Hours IST. The closest entry to the actual closing will entitle you to win a cash reward of Rs500/-, there would be … Continue reading

Now is the time to act

Only this morning we told you to consider the following for purchase should they be available lower than yesterday’s price; now look at the prices just now after circuit-breaker has been applied for Nifty falling by 10%: Adaniports LTP now 246.35 (-14.36%) BPCL LTP now 286.80 (-16.70) Coalindia LTP now 133.25 (-13.78) Gail LTP 67.70 … Continue reading

Make Most of the Meltdown

The indices have been in a very turbulent state. What u must buy today (if today’s price is lower then yesterday’s closing) if listed below: Adaniports LTP 289/- BPCL LTP 375/- Coalindia LTP 156/- Gail LTP 80/- Grasim LTP 564/- Heromotoco LTP 1922/- Hindalco LTP 121/- Infy LTP 631/- IOC LTP 88/- ITC LTP 156/- … Continue reading

Where is market headed to

Friends, With reference to Nifty after many big companies having declared results far I am inclined to say that market may not move down because companies have shown better bottom line due to tax relief which will be more pronounced in case of FMCG companies which have yet to announce results. The second helpful factor … Continue reading

The Nifty Rebounds

President Bush merely gave a statement when Indian markets had closed for trading yesterday. It was taken to suggest that the risk of escalation of hostilities had diminished and our markets remained high throughout the day and closed up by 1.58%. But there is fly in the ointment, markets may have been up due to … Continue reading

Nifty in trouble

Nifty lost heavily on SGX in view of the Iranian attack on UD bases in Iraq, there is surely a cause for worry on that account however since the theatre of war is away from us it shouldn’t be a death like worry. Further there will be expansion in money supply all over the world … Continue reading