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PTQ1FY22… Returns and activity

Friends, look at activity and follow the post result observation posted. Market is consolidating and any favorabke news will make ut jump. We are now invested in almost 78 scrips out of possible 100. Abiut 30 more results are yet to be analyzed for the quarter ended 31st March ’22. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ4FY21… Returns and activity

As you are aware we are not goung to purchase any further stocks in this portfolio in this result season when it is recommendation for purchase however if its for sale then it will be done as advised. The fresh porfolio i. e. PTQ4FY22 will see the recommendation implemented up on. Krishna Khandelwal


Result season for Q4FY22 has commenced and we have created a new portfolio PTQ4FY22 so in above portfolio no new purchases will be made and where advice is for selling, the same will be executed. This portfolio has given 18. 84% annualised return while benchmark has returned 17.35%. Whole of the previous 11-12 months have … Continue reading

PTQ4FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, this is now about and year old and has returned 24.02% annualized return. Presently Rs 65 lac worth of stocks are in hand and turn over during the year has been about 124 lac. Dividends have not been included and costs also are seperate. Krishna Khandelwal

PTQ4FY21… Returns and activity

This is keeping pace with benchmark though slightly lower than it. It will soon be going past the benchmark as the time passes because when this portfolio was gathering mass the market was moving up fast, what I am referring to are months of April and May ’21. The benchmark had gained 10% in these … Continue reading

PTQ4FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, many items touched the recommended price for purchase and the same have found way in to our pirtfolios, please have a look. Market is under pressdue to continuing attack on Ukraine but it is not yet in panick mode. Let’s hope this difficult pass will be negotiated without much damage to economy. Krishna Khandelwal

Stressful situation and our portfolios

Friends, lets have a look at how our different portfolios created over time since Jan ’21 post during the result seasons (5 have passed) have behaved in a stressful situation that is the culmination of Ukrain crisis brewing up for long. The benchmark Nifty 100 dived by 2.93% precisely at 1533 hrs. As against it … Continue reading