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PTQ4FY21… Returns and activity

Friends, just look at returns and activity that has been taken in line with observations post result. This portfolio commenced in April 21 alongwith result season for Q4FY21. This reflects returns of about 26% against about 22% from Nifty 100. We have so far analysed 16 results which suggested buy in 7 and sell in … Continue reading

Portfolio Returns

Friends, you are aware of the activity as and when it happens, you are also aware how we assess the stock in terms of its worth viz a viz price when quarterly results are announced. You are also aware of how we present our opinion and how to take steps to build portfolio and about … Continue reading

Portfolio Returns

Friends, please have a serious look at all the 3 portfolios viz a viz Nifty below. You will find that in all three time periods i. e. since Jan 21, since April ’21 or since July ’21, there is clear out performance. We want to look at whether there are Equity Mutual Funds which show … Continue reading