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Our Portfolios

Friends, Have a glimpse of our Portfolios namely PTQIIIFY20, PTQIVFY20 and PTQIFY21. For your reference Nifty closed at 11464 as against previous week’s closing of 11334  i e clocked gain of about 1% while our portfolios have shown slight loss over the week. This has happened because of Reliance having gained more than 10% over … Continue reading

Performance of Our Portfolios

Friends, Have a look at our different portfolios which are created and maintained based on our observations post quarterly results in respect of Sensex stocks. You will find it all very transparent as you must be noting what we said and when. Please write to us for an answer to your queries. Krishna Khandelwal


This is portfolio created post results for QIVFY20, it is showing gain of Rs. 322287/- on an investment of 14.41 lacs.


Wipro has touched 260/- mark today itself and it going out of our all portfolios right away.

PanchtattvaQIV is now called PTQIVFY20

Friends, We have renamed PanchtattvaQIV as PTQIVFY20 to make it more relevent as to the period it got formed. Above gives you idea about what we half now and in what percentage. In the next post you will see how has it performed. Krishna Khandelwal