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PSBs…the road ahead

One could have said that at some point in time in past that the public sector banks were affected by general inefficiency of staff but since about a decade all have up to date tech enabled systems of best quality helping PSBs in very department of banking. So these banks which have people’s confidence in … Continue reading

KOTAKBANK @1212 on 30/04/2018

If you have this in stock you may book profit now and begin to accumulate later when it goes below 1180/- …ref 998/8.86 (190420/1590/1250/1150/1150/1150/1090/3M0318/cld/10739). Prev Advice: KOTAKBANK You may have booked profit at good point as it as it did go up to 1120/- on 01/02/2018 and later corrected since then; it closed 1051/- on … Continue reading

SBIN @280 on 17/08/2017

You have been in good shape after getting out of this as per last advice; you may now accumulate it for medium/long term…ref 998/35.37 (1040/960/320/1150/1200/1150/1200/965/998/3M/0607/9904). Prev Advie: SBIN @284 on 29/05/2017 You may sell this off and wait for next advice; for time being this goesout of our radar because it has posted loss on consolidated … Continue reading

BANKINDIA @352 on 30/04/12

Bank of India may be retained and added for long term…1153/14.41 Bankindia @367 on 13/04/12 You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 1183/14.18 (those who want to book profits between now and next advice may do so otherwise long term allows to stick till next advice)  

panch-tattva/post result…MAHABANK,UNIONBANK,VIJAYABANK

MAHABANK @57 (241007) gets 1135 panch-tattva points and may be bought , book profit on surges. UNIONBANK @160 (2410007) gets 1125 panch-tattva points and may be bought ,book profit on surges. VIJAYABANK @59 (241007) gets 1184 panch-tattva points and buy it for upto next result. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal