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For Investors’ Attention

We recommended purchase as following post QI results: Adaniports @372 on 7/8/19 (CMP 358). Asianpaints @1483/- on 24/7/19 (CMP 1571). Axisbank @707 on 3/7/19 (CMP 661). Bajajauto @2520 on 23/7/19 (CMP 2713). Bajajfinsv @6782 0n 25/7/19 (CMP 7413). Bajfinance @3046 on 25/7/19 (CMP 3288). Cipla @518 on 7/8/19 (CMP 479). Coalindia @204 on 13/8/19 (CMP … Continue reading

SUNPHARMA @440 on 13/08/2019

You must have bought it under 390/- as it did o down to 367/- by 8/7/19; you may retain this else accumulate for medium/long term…ref 320/635/1655/1200/1100/1150/1000/1091/3m0619/cld/10925). Prev Advice: SUNPHARMA @413 on 30/05/19 You may sell this on surges and it may be bought under 390/- later…ref 949/29.05 (290/405/885/1150/1100/1150/1050/949/3m0319/cld/12000). Prev Advice: SUNPHARMA @429 on 22/02/2019 If … Continue reading

COALINDIA @204 on 13/08/2019

You must retain/add more/buy this for medium/long term…ref 1220/53.55 (910/1670/2055/1000/1100/1150/1000/875/3m0619/cld/1925). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @254 on 31/5/2019 Those who have it must retain, rest may buy for medium/long term…ref 1210/46.93 (730/1480/2055/1050/1100/1150/1050/1076/3m0319/cld/11922). Prev Advice: COALINDIA @223 on 12/02/2019 Those who have it may retain, rest may surely buy this for medium/long term (company declared dividend of Rs … Continue reading

Our Recommendations Post QI Results (Q-Z)

We recommended the following: (New)SBIN @308 on 02/08/2019 You may now buy this with greater weightage for medium/long term. SBIN @308 on 10/05/2019 : Buy this for medium/long term. Sunpharma @413/- on 30/5/2019 : Buy under 390/-. (New)Realince @1249 on 19/07/2019 : You may buy this now for medium/long term. Reliance @1386 on 18/04/2019 : … Continue reading

TATASTEEL @362 on 09/08/19

You may retain this else buy it, for medium/long term…1067/30.68 (2000/1220/195/1150/1100/1150/1000/828/3m0619/cld/11108). Prev Advice: TATASTEEL @510 on 25/04/2019 You retain this else buy for medium/long term…ref 1174/22.82 (2000/1405/540/1150/1100/1100/1100/1000/3m0319/cld/11641). Prev Advice: TATASTEEL @468 on 08/02/2019 You might have been out of this by applying stop-loss (refer pinned post ‘panch-tattva…some guidelines’); you may now buy it for medium/long … Continue reading

NTPC @124 on 09/08/2019

You may retain this else buy it, for medium/long term…ref 1074/89.58 (845/1365/1095/1100/1100/1150/1000/939/3m0619/cld/11108). Prev Advice: NTPC @133 on 27/05/2019 You may retain this else buy for medium/long term…ref 1321/f 1321/89.54 (645/1100/3500/1100/1100/1150/1050/930/11927/3m0319). Prev Advice: NTPC You may have bought it @139 or around it in terms of our advice on 22/02/2019 and now it last quoted @152 … Continue reading

HINDALCO @176 on 09/08/2019

HINDALCO @195 on 16/05/2019 You are already out of it by booking profit now you may buy it for medium/long term…ref 914/57.73 (1140/540/190/1200/1100/1100/1050/1000/3m0319/11258). Prev Advice: HINDALCO You sell this enrirely now, this close @211 on 11/4/2019 as against our purchase recomendation @197 on 22/2/2019. Leave a comment (Edit) HINDALCO @197 on 22/02/2019 You may now … Continue reading

GAIL @124 on 09/08/2019

This went ex-bonus (1:1) in the interim, you may retain/add more/buy for medium/long term…ref 1106/89.58 (1320/775/810/1100/1100/1150/1000/794/3m0619/cld/11108). Prev Advice: GAIL @348 on 27/05/2019 Retain this else buy for medium/long term…ref 969/34.27 (955/655/615/1150/1150/1150/1050/1029/3m0319/11927). Prev Advice: GAIL You may have bought it @335 or around it in terms of our advice on 08/02/2019 and now it is quoted … Continue reading

BRITANNIA @2588 on 09/08/2019

You may sell this on surges if you happened to buy this under 2780/- as advised earlier, how ever fresh entry may be made under 2460/- if possible between now and next advice…ref 848/4.29 Britannia @2893 on 30/04/2019 You may go for it when it’s quoting under 2780/-…ref 875/4.06 (160/245/1050/1200/1150/1100/1100/1000/3m0319/cld/11748).